Crew Resource Management

Required Modules

Core module
as a building block, as it can not function on it's own, without Core.

To ensure that all the flights/movements on any specific day are crewed in accordance with the relevant equipment-, legal-, geographic location- and qualification (rating) requirements. Additionally, that day-to-day changes are easily applied in accordance with the applicable equipment-, legal- and qualification (rating) requirements.

The total functionality of this module falls outside the scope of this document. Suffice to say, that it is a comprehensive "set" of modules bundled together to offer a total aircrew scheduling solution. This solution includes:

Arrow1 Rulesets
A set of rules to manage the legal assignment of duties to aircrew. These rule sets can accommodate all SACAA, FAA and JAR rules as formally published up to December 2004.
Arrow1 Pairing Generator
A semi-automatic process to group flights in a legal and logical way to facilitate automatic Roster Generation.
Arrow1 Ratings
A module to control the assignment of duties to crew, ensuring that the crew are rated on the equipment, and in the correct position (function) on board.
Arrow1 Bases
A module to control the assignment of duties to crew, ensuring that the crew are located in the geographic region from which duties depart.
Duty Contribution
A module to control the flight- and duty- effort/contribution of a crew member, in comparison with the rest of the crew.
Arrow1 Roster Generator
A module to automatically assign Pairings generated to the most likely crew member on a fair, legal and logical way. A powerful algorithm controls this process, and is configured with a series of parameters to best accommodate the unique requirements of the airline.
Arrow1 Crew Co-Ordinator
A comprehensive module to manage the day-to-day changes of crew requirements. All base-, rating and legal parameters are monitored and managed with a colour coded visual grid.
Arrow1 DataCapture Interface
An interface to capture the actual field values (times, ops parameters etc.). This module applies logic to validate data being captured, to ensure that reporting is accurate.
Arrow1 Crew Tracking and Flight Follow
Aircraft and aircrew movement (sign-on/off, Takeoff, landing etc.) and their movement from one airport to the next is monitored and recorded.
Arrow1 Ops Reporting
A rich set of typical operational reports is available, ranging from crew hours to aircraft fuel consumption.